Welcome to the PBG website !!

Have you been doing plenty of flying this summer season ?

74th MFNZ Nationals was a cracker. 75th Nats is the next one, I'm sure it will be huge. First week of Jan 2023 in Carterton. Secure your leave pass now.

Day light savings gone already .... nice Autumn weather here in NZ, great for flying on calm days .... building season is nearly upon us again.

Shipping .... its a sign of the times, costs have gone through the roof. DA and MTW have both put their prices up recently. But we are still getting regular orders from the boys at the DA Factory in Tucson, USA and MTW Silencer in Germany, with no problems or major delays.

News .... Falcon props, we will be stocking those soon !! Direct from the manufacturer. Superb quality.

Red/Black Seagull 50cc Extra 330LX in stock. A good way to get into flying Aerobatics. There are lots of guys flying these now, and when they are dialed in, they are a winning combination.

We've shipped some nice motors out in the past year, including a couple of big boys too. DA-200 and DA-215. Wait till you see the DA100i twin inline's go in the big Mosquito ! 

DA-35 and DA-50 in stock, plus all the exhaust components to get you flying. If you have a bigger project get in touch.

The DA-35 is working well in a 2m F3A model, and a great alternative to electric. Fly all day on $5 of petrol !! No coal power stations or generators needed.

Need fuel ? Methanol, Nitro, and all the Coolpower Oils available, including Red Line.

Now browse the web site and see what you can find .... and check out the "New Stuff" page for popular items that are back in stock. 

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Extra 330LX Red / Black Scheme
Timber X
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